The small business conundrum: growth and innovation in the face of complexity and security risks

In the 2019 Global SME Pulse, small and medium businesses around the globe said they anticipated slower revenue and profit growth, but 74 percent were still willing to take big risks to ensure their success. No surprise there. For small business owners, their work—and their success—is personal, and small businessContinue Reading

Walker's Legacy

Walker’s Legacy is expanding. And, that’s great news for multicultural women entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and business owners! Walker’s Legacy is a global professional collective that works to promote the career advancement, skill sets, and networks of multicultural women in business and women entrepreneurs. And since 2009, the organization has been connecting,Continue Reading

Mutual of Omaha Medicare

Enrollment in Medicare, a U.S federal health insurance program, can provide you with coverage for hospitalization, doctor appointments, preventative care, labs, and medical tests. You’re eligible for Original Medicare at age 65, which includes Medicare Part A (hospital) and Medicare Part B (medical insurance). But while original Medicare adequately meetsContinue Reading

Michelle Obama

While some would relax after eight long years in the White House, rest is something Michelle Obama isn’t doing just yet. The former first lady will be launching an Instagram video series that will premiere later this month. Obama and her initiative Reach Higher have partnered with ATTN: on a new IGTV series, “A Year of Firsts.” The seriesContinue Reading