Did you know, that is possible to earn money via apps? It was a far reality but in this is not the case anymore with the popularity of internet marketing and business. Mobile App or Applications have become very much popular today as millions of apps are installed every year. Continue Reading

What’s all the fuss around digital transformation? 3 things you should know to secure and grow your business

When I was growing up, my room was one thin piece of drywall from the most important entrepreneur in my life, my mom. My mom was a hairdresser, barber, aesthetician, cosmetologist, and eventually, a proud small business owner and entrepreneur. Over the course of my childhood, she worked in differentContinue Reading

Small business to grow into a big business, it needs a loan unless it has exceptional sales and profit margins. A small business owner has quite a few places where he/she can go with a loan request. Banks seem to be one of their options on most occasions. What theseContinue Reading

In Human Resource (HR) and management circles nowadays there is much talk about Strategic Human Resource Management and many expensive books can be seen on the shelves of bookshops. But what exactly is SHRM (Strategic Human Resource Development), what are its key features and how does it differ from traditionalContinue Reading

The old saying “If you want something done right, do it yourself,” does not apply to management. The very nature of management is getting things done through others. Business requires managers to lead teams toward accomplishing goals and ensuring profits. Government and non-profit organizations require managers for the success ofContinue Reading

Those that grow self-managing teams are almost ‘evangelical’ in their beliefs of the benefits of self-managing teams and their commitment to these beliefs. Why? The reason is that they have worked with the conventional ‘hands-on’ style of management and seen that it simply does not produce the best results. TheyContinue Reading